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One of the most beautiful towns in the county of Vas, Sárvár (population 16,000), is situated in the hilly Kemeneshát region, on Road 84, which connects Lake Balaton with the western borders of Hungary. Sárvár (literally "mud-fort") was probably named after an carthwork fortification built by the conquering Hungarian tribes at the confluence of the ricers Rába ang Gyöngyös. Ever since, the castle has played a dominant role in the history of the community. Politican, general, humanist, and keeper of the royal seal, Tamás Nádasdy, made the castle a centre of the Renisannce. He commissioned a school, invited artists and scholars. He was also a patron of Sebestyén Lantos Tinódi, Hungary's national bard in arms against the Turks, who is buried in Sárvár. The first Hungarian grammar, Grammatica Hungarolatina by János Sylvester, was printed in a printing shop in the town.

The period between 183 and 1870 was a heyday of development for Sárvár. A very large number of buildings bear the mark of the architect Sámuel Geschrey. Echoes of the past ring on in arts events such as the days of epic poetry, an international festival of folklore and wind instruments, cref fairs, Mid-summer Night, Hussar Parade.

In addition to arts and schitecture, there is also a thermal bath meeting inernational standards. The water of the spa has been prooved benefitial for various patients and thus has wide-ranging medicinal uses.


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