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Pannónia ring

The Pannonia Ring, one of the most modern racetracks in Hungary, with a total length of 4.7 km is only 8 km from our hotel. During the whole year from spring to autumn numerous car and motor races are organized. In addition to safety and driving pleasure, the pannonia-ring has something unique to offer: the ring is also homologated for the object (link course). It is free for visitors.

Length of track: 4740 m (5184 yd)
Right arrows: 11
Link curves: 7
Range of width: 11 - 13 m
Length of start-destination: 700 m


Szombathely is situated at the foot of the Alps, on the western edge of Pannonia. The city was founded in 43 AD. Founded by the Roman Emperor Claudius, under the name Colonia Claudia Savaria. The city developed rapidly alongside the Bernsteinstrasse, which was an important trade route, and soon became the most important center of Upper Pannonia and the imperial cult of the province.

The city is rich in historical and cultural traditions and today is characterized by the rapid development of the city and the many festivals organized in the city (the Savaria Dance Championships, the International Bartók Festival, the Concert Band, Savaria Carnival) and international fairs.


In Hungary, Kőszeg is the highest-lying city, north of Szombathely, 19 km away, and it has the most fresh air saying things with subalpine climate. The city is rich in historical celebrities, museums, and has a very intense tourism.


The settlement, with more than 12,000 inhabitants, bore the name Celldömölk in 1904, when the former Kiscell and Nemesdömölk united. In 1950, Alsósag, in 1978, was associated with the inheritance of the city of Izsak. At the border of the city of Celldömölk, at the foot of the picturesque nature reserve Sag hegy, the thermal bath awaits with 6 pools those who want to recover and heal. Beside the town lies the Sag mountain, it is the remains of a volcano erupting 5 million years ago. The area has been designated a nature reserve.


Fifteen kilometers from Sárvár lies the municipality, it is for its 13 ha large arboretum, which is on natural shelter under nature protection. The Festetics castle from 1885 was renovated 2 years ago. Next to the arboretum is a spa with a water surface of 1000 m2, which is fed with thermal water of a special composition and is available to the guests. The Savaria Rallye is organized annually, a section of this speed competition runs between Acsád and Szeleste.


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