Hotel Viktória



In our hotel is a masseur, she ensure for your relax. Our guest can choose from many massage.

Massage and prices:

Vital massage: price: 13 €
A treatment with a body-maintaining massage-oil, which contains natural orange and sage oil. This oil gives a flavour to the skin, which wakes the memory of a Mediterranean beach It nourished, tightens and maintains the skin. In addition it increases your well-being and refills you with energy (30 min.).

Healing massage: price: 20,2 €
The massage is the oldest and the most applied treatment. The tone of the skin and the muscles is positively effected by classic grip technique which has the effect of improving circulation in the treated area. Through this method, pain and tiredness is reduced and psychological health is improved. This is a very popular therapy due to its relaxing and muscle loosening effect.(50 min.)

Feet Reflexzone Massage: price: 15,7 €
his massage technique, which is becoming more and more popular, is the version of acupressure performed especially on the sole of the feet. It is based on the realisation of the fact that the condition of the different parts of the body and organs is reflected in sole of the feet. By massaging particular zones of the feet we can positively influence the functioning of the organs.
Sole massage improves blood circulation in the required organs and also helps lymphatic circulation, the result being the strengthening of the immune system. The massage also contributes to waste product expulsion and also has a pain killing effect. A treatment once every one or two months can help to preserve health and also helps to act as an early warning system in that possible negative signs can be recognised in time.

Sport massage: price: 10,3 € - 14,2 €
Sport massage is wide-spread, based on western traditions. Being especially similar to the swedish massage, it is however a much stronger, a more intensive variety, which has an effect on the deep muscles. The techniques used during this massage does not consist of smoothing, gentle movements, but (applies) stronger, subbing, kneading beating clasps. Sport massage done regularly is an excellent way to improve physical condition which, by virtue of its effect, can be recommended for men and women alike. (15 or 30 min.)

Relax massage: price: 13 €
The massage-oil contains natural mandarin and lavender oil and is helpful during the relaxation. The oil has a pleasant flavour, and the components of the sunflower-oil make the skin soft. (30 minutes)

Aroma massage: price: 14,2 € 30 min

Chocolate massage: price: 13,4 € (20 min.) - 20,2 € (40 min.)
In the course of the chocolate massage we work the chocolate with special catches in the skin. It has a strong excrementizing effect, it brings the soiling settling down from the pores to the surface. And it strenghtens the body outlines in short time, makes the skin tighter and repairs it's elasiticity. (20 or 40 min.)

Manager massage: price: 10,1 €
Give way to a massage which is stress-solvent, relaxing but still refills you with energy. The treatment dissolves the all-day-stress, which is piled up in the muscles. (20 min.)


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